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Gay Marriage — The farce.

by on Apr.14, 2009, under Uncategorized

Here we go again.  I suppose my beliefs will be mocked and I’ll be called a bigot, but public discussion needs to be open and full.  Not just one side.  So I’ll share my beliefs.

Marriage between a man and a women, fulfill a useful role to our society.  They raise citizens.  Even at 50% divorce rate the marriage relationship is by far the most stable, and best environment to raise children to become productive members of a society.  It has been proved that a child is mostly likely to grow up well adjusted with both a Father and a Mother.  As such it is in the interest of our society to protect and foster marriage between a man and a women.

In the eyes of the society in general the purpose of marriage is NOT sexual fulfillment, and NOT expression of love, but a means of perpetuating a sustainable society with productive citizens.

So what good are homosexual marriages to the state?  There is none.  They cannot procreate.  They also cannot provide both a father and a mother through adoption.  They cannot reliably raise well adjusted individuals.

I hear the cries of we have a right!  It’s not fair!  I ask when did you have the right to do what was wrong?

Jesus would never condone such homosexual actions.  Why?  Because he loves us and wants us to be truly happy.  He has said no unclean thing can enter the kingdom of God.  He has defined homosexuality as an action that will defile an individual and disqualify him/her to enter the kingdom of God.  How can we be happy if we cannot enter God’s kingdom in the end?  You cannot.  Nor can you have peace in this life.

Again I’m sure I’ll be mocked as old fashioned and out of touch.  But true principles do not change regardless of whether you believe them or not.

One unchanging fact is that God lives.  I witness it, and am not ashamed to stand as a witness.   From my own experience I know God lives.

Go on ahead and call me a bigot.  Mock if you wish.   I stand for virtue, I stand for that which is right and good and beautiful.

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